Terms and conditions

Neither the organiser nor its representatives and other authorised persons can be held responsible for any form of damage or injury
ncurred as a result of participation in the marathon and accompanying events, except in the case of the above persons having caused these
intentionally or as a result of grave negligence. This also applies to sponsors and the owners of private paths and their representatives. This exemption
from liability also applies to accompanying persons.

Entrants declare that they are in a fit state of health, have trained to a sufficient standard to partake, and are in possession of a doctor’s
certificate of health. Participation in this event is at the entrants’ own risk.

Entrants agree to data(as given) on the registration form, any photographs (including photo’s taken personally), film material and radio and TV interviews
that are made in conjunction with the Sparkasse-Marathon, including those in advertising, books, photographic reproductions and Inter-net inserts, can
be passed on and used without any claim for remuneration by the entrant.

Upon registration, entrants confirm that all personal details are correct and the race number will not be given to another person.

Runners will be disqualified:

When the official race number is tampered with in any way, specifically if any number or advertising logo is made illegible or unrecognisable.

When runners make use of any sport equipment, alter/enhance their performance by hitching onto cyclists, inline skaters etc.

In accordance with Data protection laws, the organiser, in a secure environment, digitally saves all personal data.

The law of Austria governs the agreement. Judicial Authority is Bregenz