Just a big fat thank you

Maria Garay García Story

I took part in the marathon of 2021 with you and I wrote this. I want to thank you for making this amazing event possible. Just a big fat thank you.


In these difficult times we are experiencing, I have looked for reasons to make myself feel better. I like to remember what happened in previous years and definitely one of the biggest highlights of 2021 for me, was running the 3 Länder Marathon. That is why I dare to write these lines.

The first time I came to Germany was in 2013. I came with my now husband to meet his family and his country. During this trip, one of the cities we visited was Lindau and I have to admit that I fell deeply in love with the landscape. We got on a boat to go around the 3 countries that share the Bodensee and the idea seemed simply incredible: to be able to be in 3 countries on the same day... how crazy is that?!

In March 2019 I came to live permanently in Germany. We moved to a 4 apartment-building, where all the neighbors get along very well, so it is typical that we all barbecue  together when the weather allows it. At one of these events, my neighbor Robin mentioned that he wanted to run the 3 Länder Marathon in Lindau. “How wonderful is that?” I immediately thought, "Imagine being able to say you ran in 3 countries", my head exploded.

I was never an active person. When I was a child in school I had good grades in everything except sports. I always fell and was extremely clumsy, so I wasn't interested in spending time doing sports either, and so little by little I became more and more sedentary. My husband, on the other hand, discovered his love for the sport in 2018 when he started doing triathlons, so he always tried to encourage me to go with him.

In 2019 we decided to try running. I still remember that the first time I managed to run only 400 m and I felt like I was dying. I was very embarrassed to see people older than me running like it was nothing and also very fast; so it was never an easy process for me.

About 3 months passed and I managed to run 5km without stopping. I felt super proud and motivated. I remember perfectly the Wednesday we went for our usual tour to the lake, it was a beautiful day with lots of sunshine and the fields were full of flowers. On the way back I had the famous "horse pain", I was uncomfortable, but it passed. Thursday was our day off so I went about my business as usual when I started noticing a twinge in my chest on the left side. I only felt it when taking super deep breaths, so I didn't care. The day progressed and so did the pain, I no longer had to breathe so deeply to feel the sting and around 4 in the afternoon I also felt pain when I expired. I took an ibuprofen and went to sleep. 

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